Upgrade Assessment Service Offering

Assessment Service

Description: The Upgrade Assessment Service is typically a 3-5 day engagement that focuses on a single application or application domain. A small team of two or more technical experts reviews the application, the associated interfaces, sub-systems and supporting infrastructure. Based on this review, the consulting team provides an assessment as to the expected nature of performing a migration or upgrade. The service is delivered in phases:
Scope of the Assessment. Definition of the targeted application boundaries. This is the extent of the application that will be considered for migration or upgrade under this assessment.
• Discovery and Analysis. Analysis of the affected applications, including interfaces to/from these applications to identify possible impact. This typically involves interviews with the technical staff developing and supporting the application, and examination of existing application and systems documentation, configurations and source code.
• Assessment. An estimate of the likely time and effort required to perform the migration or upgrade, set against an assessment of risk, identifying the possible effects of not proceeding with the upgrade and their potential impact. In situations where some risks are not well understood, a proof-of-concept may be recommended in the findings to better understand proposed levels of effort.

Major Deliverables
The Upgrade Assessment provides a written summary of findings for the various dimensions of a proposed upgrade based on the assessment activities discussed above.

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  • Upgrade Assessment Service Offering

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