About VaioTech

VaioTech is a leading edge national provider of end-to-end solutions in J2EE Technologies, Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Business Applications, Customized Applications and Network/Infrastructure Management Solutions. VaioTech also provides the necessary technical resources for projects and contingency staffing depending on the needs of the customers.

VaioTech is focused on carving out a wide niche for itself in the IT governed world by leveraging its competencies to provide high quality solutions and services.

VaioTech uses risk-averse, value-driven project management and solution delivery methodologies to provide Fixed-price, On-time end-to-end solutions to its customers in Banking/Financial Services, B2B Marketplaces, Hospitality, Health Care, Insurance, Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, Service and Telecom industries.

VaioTech Management Team represents combined 7 decades business, technical and integration experience from well known U.S. management consulting and technical organizations with innovative and direction-setting vision for the industry. VaioTech delivery team composed of Management Consultants / Programmer Analysts, Subject Matter Experts, Technology Architects and Technical Experts with ability to design, develop and execute brilliantly and enhance sustainable competitiveness for the company and our clients.

VaioTech is committed to industry to serve our clients with consistent quality and to provide a measurable return on their investment.

VAIOTech Value

• We bring a wide range of industry expertise to organizations where one individual supports many platforms and administrators wear "many hats".
• Predictable and cost effective approach to engaging experts to assist a busy IT team.
• 25 years of expertise and knowledge available to assist you in your go forward strategies, planning, architecture design, development, Test and Infrastructure.
• Leverage broad industry knowledge to provide insights, how-to, and advice to improve system operations and administration.
• Let our team of industry experts be your trusted advisor.
• Consolidate multiple support vendors or contracts into one cost-effective support contract with Mainline.









Our Teams

Placement Team

The Placement aims to providing the best opportunities enabling every student to realize his/her dream.

Recruitment Team

The VaioTech recruitment team is made up of talented professionals with more than 10 years of experience.

Sales Team

Our sales team is comprised of highly trained, dedicated associates, each with several years of experience.